What to Look for When Buying Professional Bristle Dartboard

Some beginners think all dartboards are similar. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you can use it to play darts. If you have the same notion in mind, that is wrong.

Searching for the best dartboard is as confusing as selecting a dart. Dartboards come in a variety. There are several types of dartboards made from unique materials. Moreover, each kind of dartboard has benefits and drawbacks that you’ll have to consider. Hence, not all dartboards you can find in the market is suitable for any dart game.

There are five types of traditional dartboards. These are the following; the wooden, cork, coiled paper, bristle, and spider dart board. Among these five classifications of traditional dartboards, the most popular choice for professional dart players is the bristle dartboard.

What is a Bristle Dartboard?

A bristle dartboard is made of compressed sisal fibers. The sisal fibers come from a type of Mexican sisal plant. This fiber offers optimal density that allows deeper penetration. Moreover, it promotes lesser bounce outs and higher chances of scoring. Not to mention, high-quality bristle boards features superior healing from deep penetration.

Another reason why professional players prefer is this type of dartboard is due to its surface. This dartboard is long lasting compared to any other type of dartboards.

Trying to look for the best dart boards in 2019 is confusing for a beginner. You might find the options overwhelming especially if this is your first time investing one.

The good news is there are reliable online sources like the Triple Bullseye that seeks to support beginners in this sport.

The Triple Bullseye offers buying guidelines as well as product reviews of the latest top choice dart brands in the market.

To help you on your search for the best dartboard, here are three of the important features you have to look for when browsing this item.

#1 Durable Surface

Not all bristle dartboards have a guaranteed durable surface. Poor quality dartboards easily break or the surface peels after frequent use.

You have to check out the quality of the dartboard’s surface before buying. Make sure that is made of high-grade material and the finest sisal.

#2 Density and Depth

If you see a dartboard on its side, you’ll notice that some are thinner whereas others are a bit thicker. The density and depth of a dartboard are two paramount features on this item.

A thin bristle dartboard might cause the darts to bounce off or fail to penetrate the board easily. On the other hand, if the dartboard has 60 percent bristle and medium depth, it assures of penetrating the board and a higher chance of hitting the target.

#3 Visibility

Some dartboards have poor coloring, visibility and have high glare. The visibility of a bristle dartboard is significant to help you hit the right target. It is ideal to choose a dartboard with color strength and low glare features.

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