Mobile Notary Public: How Does it Work? Is it Worth-it?

Having critical documents notarized is one of the tiring things to do as an adult – either for bank-related errands, mortgages, power of attorney for a family member, or for travel consent, and a couple more reasons. Aside from looking a notary to visit, one of the challenging tasks when notarizing documents is getting an appointment; you have to wait in queue with other clients at the notary public office, only to get a schedule that is way beyond your deadline.

Fortunately, there is an LA-based mobile notary public that you can easily hire, if you are in LA just anytime and anywhere.

What is Mobile Notary Public anyway?

In general, notary public of the common law is government authorized individuals that serve the public in non-litigious affairs that concern the estate, deeds, foreign and international business, and power of attorney. Their functions include the following:

  • Administer affirmation and oaths
  • Work on statutory declarations and affidavits
  • Will act as an official witness
  • Does the authentication in the execution document signatory
  • Takes acknowledgment of deeds through government-imposed stamps
  • Provides notarial copies and exemplifications on documents

The difference between a remote notary public and the mobile notary is that the latter will bring the notary services to the client’s location at their client’s preferred time. In other words, instead of waiting in the queue at the public notary office to get your documents notarized, the mobile notary will meet you at your preferred schedule and your preferred location. All you need to do is contact a reliable and fast-to-respond mobile notary public and make an appointment.

Although the mobile notary public is capable of doing the aforementioned functions, typically, they are very useful when it comes to mortgage closings that are often conducted across the state.

Is it all worth it?

Hiring a mobile notary public is very useful; it makes document notarization faster and easier to deal with.

Just imagine with all the paper works you have to deal with while complying with all the notarization procedures, it is sure going to be rough, especially if you’ve got no time to do these kinds of paperwork. So, is it worth it? Yes; it is.

So, if you are having challenges with all the notarization procedures you should consider hiring a mobile notary public. One of the trusted mobile notary public in LA today is Rachel Mintz Notary Public. The entire team is friendly, fast to respond, and very knowledgeable.

Is it expensive to hire a mobile notary public?

Technically, there are fees that you need to pay but all are worth-it; these include the following:

  • The travel fee
  • The notary fee
  • Copying fees
  • The document preparation fee
  • For late night and rush notarization request, there are service charges

The price of hiring mobile notary public is unpredictable; if you need more details on these, you may contact Rachel Mintz Notary Public through Yelp or you can directly visit their website today.

Again, hiring a mobile notary public is worth it; especially for busy individuals who don’t have too much time to waste.

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