Environmentalist and Social Justice Warriors have been harking the same message for the past few decades. They surmised that human civilization, as we know it, will deteriorate if no precautions are taken. For the environmentalists, the deterioration of Mother Earth will spell doom for her creatures including the humans. For the Social Justice Warriors, the ongoing abuse of the right of the people will either cause authoritarian rule or explosive revolutions that may bombs us back to the stone age.

Both groups have been classified as fringe groups that takes pleasure in trumpeting the end of days to fuel their own greed. The same is totally untrue. These groups have seen the destructive capacity that is being displayed and has seen the results of such. That we, as a race, may have sealed our own doom because of our own destructive acts. These groups have planned steps that we must take in order to preserve our civilizations.

Long Term Planning

The world at large has forgotten the benefits of long term planning. The same cannot be held for the environmentalists and social justice warriors. They have planned for the best possible course of action that we should take in order to preserve the best of our civilization. They may also have planned for the worst case scenario and the steps that are to be taken to mitigate the adverse effects of said scenario.

Long term planning is largely beneficial because it allows us to chart our own future rather than let the environment around us dictate the terms of our future steps. This is the reason why the environmentalists has taken up the cudgel and planned for the future to ensure that our descendants would live in a green and clean world.

Governments have seen the impact of long term planning, especially in the environment scene, and has created governmental bodies that can help turn the tide against the deterioration of Mother Earth. Of course, non-government bodies has been in the forefront in the fight against the same evils that has been mentioned.

Short Term Planning

Long term planning is undoubtedly beneficial but it must not be the sole action in planning. This is where short term planning comes into the focus. As the name would suggest, short term planning is interested with the immediate effects and immediate consequences as well as immediate facts and events. As such, short term planning is concerned with the “now”.

In this regard, Social Justice Warriors are in the lead as they are the ones defending the rights of the common people that is being trampled upon by stronger individuals or groups. Health groups are also exhibiting short term planning, as these groups help in mitigating the ill effects of ailments that blights our world. Short term planning is also very important for individuals. For example, people that are afflicted with piles or hemorrhoids will definitely want to know how to cure piles permanently.

Whatever the case maybe, long term and short term planning must not be forgotten by all. The former will be used to charter the future while the latter will be used to charter our path today.