Kratom Fact Sheet: Important Details You Need to Know

Have you heard of kratom?

If you have been keeping tabs on health news, you probably have stumbled on kratom. Recently, this herb has become the talk of many specialists and individuals searching for a potent alternative medicine. Because of the increasing awareness of people regarding this medicinal plant, the demand for kratom products doubled over the past few years.

If it is your first time hearing about kratom, now is your chance to get to know this wondrous herb. Below are kratom basic facts you must know.

What is Kratom?

For those who are not familiar with kratom, here is a short introductory regarding this herb.

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree that grows mostly in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and other South Asian countries. Moreover, it’s also known as mitragyna speciosa which is the scientific name of the plant. You’ll also hear different names of this plant such as Biak, Ketum, Ithang, Thom, and Kakuam.

Although kratom is originally from Southeast and South Asian countries, you can now find all sorts of kratom products in the market such as powdered kratom leaves, tinctures, and edibles. The spread of kratom products globally is due to the increasing number of online kratom suppliers.

How to Use Kratom?

There are various ways to take this herb which encompass taking powdered leaves, to capsules and extracts.

If you prefer the traditional means of using kratom, there are online suppliers, like in Kratom IQ, that distributes authentic powdered kratom leaves to buyers around the globe. You can turn it into tea, or eat together with food. But take note; dried and powdered kratom leaves are not tasty. Adding it on drinks or pastry masks the taste of the herb.

For individuals who do not like powdered leaves, there are other options such as pills, capsules, and tinctures.

How does it Affect the Body?

Kratom affects both the body and mind. It has similar effects to opioids and well-known stimulants like marijuana. Because of this herb’s properties, kratom has become a popular alternative to illegal substances like marijuana.

Kratom contains two compounds which generate the stimulant and sedative effects of the herb. These compounds found in kratom leaves are mitragynine and 7-a hydroxymitragynine.

The said compounds interact with opioid receptors in the brain which produces the sedative effect. On the other hand, mitragynine excites other receptor systems in the brain which creates the stimulant influence. If you are planning to use it for relieving stress, increasing energy and alertness, take a small dose of this herb.

Are there Concerns about this Herb?

As of now, there are no studies showing the effectiveness of this herb in treating certain chronic conditions. Based on some reports, there are individuals who experienced side-effects when using this herb. These reported health effects includes nausea, itching, loss of appetite, constipation, dry mouth, and increase in urination.

You can avoid the above side-effects by consulting a doctor. Let your doctor know about your plans. Doing so would help you to prevent complications, especially if you are taking prescriptions, or has underlying medical conditions.

Are you interested to know more about this herb?

Check it out here at Kratom IQ.

5 Accessories Every Experienced Home Cook Needs

Over the last decade or so, cooking has quickly become one of the most popular interests in the Western World. Just fifty years ago, cooking was seen as a chore or a duty, not an opportunity for self-expression or artistry. We now live in a time of celebrity chefs, a concept unthinkable in the 1950s, and many people are taking their culinary skills to social media to show their friends and followers their latest dish.

It is only right that we have begun to celebrate food, and the people who provide it. The home cook now has a bewildering selection of equipment and accessories to help them get the best out of their kitchen, and this guide should hopefully help any chef find the right tools for the job. Here are five accessories that every experienced home cook should have.

You Need Quality Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are a chef’s most treasured tool, and they should be the most important accessory in any kitchen. Finding the right set of knives doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. Make sure you get a chance to hold and feel the weight and balance of the knives before you buy them. As long as the weight is well balanced, the knife should perform well, when sharp.

Use Magnetic Racks and Holders

A simple and popular storage solution for knives and utensils, wall mounted magnetic racks are also more hygienic than knife blocks or kitchen drawers. They can be attached to any wall, but you should avoid putting them near a stove top or a tea kettle. The steam and heat will rise from these and can stain the blades and handles, or make them too hot for you to pick up.

Find the Best Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are one of the most important items in the kitchen. Don’t get stuck with cheap, plastic boards that get scuffed and scarred easily. Wooden boards are the chef’s choice, and you should check out this page – – for some of the best-looking cutting boards around.

Buy Salt and Pepper Grinders

Not enough people grind their own rock salt and peppercorns at home. Buying these pre-ground, to be put in salt and pepper shakers may seem like an easy option but you lose a lot of flavor this way, especially from pepper.

Get Quality Cleaning Tools

After the cooking comes the cleaning, and this is a part of the process that no one should forget about. The best professional chefs simply can’t rest until their kitchen is clean. Many insist upon cleaning as you go, doing a little bit of cleaning as they cook so there is never much left to do at the end. Invest in some quality cleaning tools to make the job quicker, and easier.

If you take your food seriously then these five accessories will help you make the most of your culinary efforts. These simple tools will help you provide the best meals for your family, friends and yourself.

An Introduction to Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder happens when a person consistently worries about many things in life. Stress is a natural response of the body to changes that require certain amounts of adjustment. That is why it’s quite normal for one to become stressed or worry about certain events/situations that seem overwhelming.  However, stress can lead to anxiety, and it is when people get anxious over simple things that it can get out of hand. When that happens, a person may already be dealing with generalized anxiety disorder without him realizing it.

Causes and Risk Factors

There are many possible causes for generalized anxiety disorder. In fact, the condition can also be inherited.  It also has a higher incidence among women than men.  Generalized anxiety disorder can begin from childhood.  In some cases, people get worried as part of learned behavior. Individuals with anxious parents tend to learn such behavior as well.

Usually, people with this condition have been worrying about many things as far as they can remember.


The most obvious indication of generalized anxiety disorder is worry or tension elicited by even simple situations. It is normal for people to be concerned with issues pertaining to money, health, relationships or work. However, people with generalized anxiety disorder often worry too much that it affects their daily lives. Some of the symptoms commonly shown by individuals with this condition include:

  • Persistent worrying about small concerns
  • Fatigue
  • Unable to focus on a task
  • Irritability
  • Muscle tension
  • Insomnia or irregular sleep
  • Sweating, nausea or diarrhea
  • Startling easily
  • Shortness of breath

Indeed, such symptoms can easily affect the daily activities of an individual with the said disorder. The person may find it hard to concentrate on his job or study. Even individuals staying at home may become unable to do tasks because of the aforementioned symptoms.

It is important to seek treatment once the symptoms have been shown by an individual. Treatment for generalized anxiety disorder may vary depending on the doctor’s recommendation after proper assessment. The usual route towards treatment includes cognitive behavioral therapy and medications.

The therapy helps patients to express their fears and find ways to cope with them. The medications typically prescribed by doctors are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and some anti-depressants depending on the severity of the disorder. The medications can relieve anxiety and calm down the patient.

There are some doctors who are able to recognize the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder at its early stages. In such a case, the doctor may recommend that the patient start taking adaptogenic supplements that are proven to reduce stress-inducing hormones. These supplements are made from adaptogenic herbs like Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Schisandra, Ginseng, Eleuthero, Cordyceps, and Licorice, among others.

There are plenty of adaptogenic supplements available in the market today, so it may be a bit confusing for people to choose the best one that suits their needs. Nevertheless, there are websites dedicated to reviewing said supplements to make it easier for consumers. It will do a person well to read their buying guide  in order to determine which brand contains some or all of the adaptogenic herbs mentioned previously.

Indeed, there are many options in treating generalized anxiety disorder as long as you take action once symptoms appear.

What to Look for When Buying Professional Bristle Dartboard

Some beginners think all dartboards are similar. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you can use it to play darts. If you have the same notion in mind, that is wrong.

Searching for the best dartboard is as confusing as selecting a dart. Dartboards come in a variety. There are several types of dartboards made from unique materials. Moreover, each kind of dartboard has benefits and drawbacks that you’ll have to consider. Hence, not all dartboards you can find in the market is suitable for any dart game.

There are five types of traditional dartboards. These are the following; the wooden, cork, coiled paper, bristle, and spider dart board. Among these five classifications of traditional dartboards, the most popular choice for professional dart players is the bristle dartboard.

What is a Bristle Dartboard?

A bristle dartboard is made of compressed sisal fibers. The sisal fibers come from a type of Mexican sisal plant. This fiber offers optimal density that allows deeper penetration. Moreover, it promotes lesser bounce outs and higher chances of scoring. Not to mention, high-quality bristle boards features superior healing from deep penetration.

Another reason why professional players prefer is this type of dartboard is due to its surface. This dartboard is long lasting compared to any other type of dartboards.

Trying to look for the best dart boards in 2019 is confusing for a beginner. You might find the options overwhelming especially if this is your first time investing one.

The good news is there are reliable online sources like the Triple Bullseye that seeks to support beginners in this sport.

The Triple Bullseye offers buying guidelines as well as product reviews of the latest top choice dart brands in the market.

To help you on your search for the best dartboard, here are three of the important features you have to look for when browsing this item.

#1 Durable Surface

Not all bristle dartboards have a guaranteed durable surface. Poor quality dartboards easily break or the surface peels after frequent use.

You have to check out the quality of the dartboard’s surface before buying. Make sure that is made of high-grade material and the finest sisal.

#2 Density and Depth

If you see a dartboard on its side, you’ll notice that some are thinner whereas others are a bit thicker. The density and depth of a dartboard are two paramount features on this item.

A thin bristle dartboard might cause the darts to bounce off or fail to penetrate the board easily. On the other hand, if the dartboard has 60 percent bristle and medium depth, it assures of penetrating the board and a higher chance of hitting the target.

#3 Visibility

Some dartboards have poor coloring, visibility and have high glare. The visibility of a bristle dartboard is significant to help you hit the right target. It is ideal to choose a dartboard with color strength and low glare features.

Do you need more help in selecting the best dartboard for your game room?

Find out more about this item with the help of Triple Bullseye.

Keto Diet Essentials

In a world where health is a priority, a lot of people are starting to pay attention to the things that can help them achieve their body’s optimal functioning. In the age where people have developed an unusual love for processed and junk food, there are those who are suffering from being overweight and obese. Exercise has always played a huge part in helping them get back in shape, but another major factor that people should focus on is their diet.

There are different kinds of diets available for everyone. However, a popular one would be the keto diet. People from all over the world have been talking about this because of its effectiveness. There are even talks and rumors about getting into ketosis without exercising. Can you imagine an easy way of eating some of the best food in the market and losing weight all at the same time?

What is ketosis? When we speak about this, we are talking about the state where the body is completely fueled by fat. When you engage in this diet, the sugar and unhealthy fat is removed from the body because the body is running on healthy fats. This is the reason why people feel more energized and healthy the entire day.

This is an effective weight loss program for most people. This takes high fat and low carbohydrate content and ingredients to burn fat instead of glucose. This is a bit similar to the Atkins diet; however, this diet has a stricter carb restriction. Going on a keto diet is never easy. A lot of people find it difficult to have their meals prepared since this does not operate on a diet that has the normal nutritional value.

If you are new to this, read on to know more about the ingredients and items that you can include in your diet. You can use eggs for omelets, quiches, low carb pizza crust, hard boiled as a snack and more. You can eat huge doses of bacon because of its fat content. Cream cheese will also prove to be haven for a keto lover. Shredded cheese is a bonus and other herbs and vegetables like spinach and romaine can also be added for a tastier taste.

Some people prefer to substitute their rice with cauliflower. This is usually tossed in olive oil and baked. Sometimes, people use this as a replacement for their rice or bread. Those in keto are also big fans of chicken tenders and the like. This makes it more convenient at times when their time is limited. All they have to do is quickly thaw and grill it while being sauted. This can be mixed with a serving of meat and fish, and garlic sauce.

There is no need to settle for less. Why let your weight intervene and take a toll on your day to day activities? Book an appointment with your doctor to clear you of possible contraindications for the diet. Once you pass the stage, you will be surprised at how your back and health has improved.

The Biggest Threat in Online Security and How to Get Away with Them

how to stop identity theftKeeping up with someone, digging secrets, grasping for information – everything now is available online. Anything that needs to be panned out and searched into detail is run through the internet. Which is why, threats have been manifesting one after the other.

The one thing that keeps people’s mind at ease every time they surf, post, or even comment is an established online security. But, what happens when this security is breached or shut down? The list of negative effects is endless. One way to prepare for this is understanding and acknowledging the threats posing to online security as well as the solution to them.

Here are the biggest online threats with ways to stay safe.

Virus and Worms

Even before the internet has taken a big part in the lives of people, viruses and worms have already been threats to computers. Many sites are hooked with said dangers that users are automatically downloading them without their knowledge. A click is all it takes for any virus to get transferred to a device. Accessing the wrong page will already cause trouble to a user.

Anti-virus programs are designed to protect users from this threat. There are high-grade programs that targets specific hard to detect viruses while there are others that are very generic that only filters the most obvious ones. Additional internet security provided by said programs are created as well for stronger protection.

Identity Theft

Another big threat is more common on social media platforms. With the endless posting and uploading of personal data, a lot has taken advantage of this for their own gain. Fake accounts and false identities are created to lure or make a fool of others. Apart from that, stolen identities are also used for black hat marketing. People assume other people’s name to create a false scheme and a total bogus business campaign.

One way of protecting someone from this is by carefully selecting any information posted online. One should avoid posting numbers and email addresses if not necessary. More so, passwords and bank numbers as well as passport numbers should be kept hidden too. The more information released, the more credible identity thieves can build their false accounts.

how to stop online hackers

Hacking and Information Stealing

Similar to identity theft is information stealing through hacking. Logging in to a bait site can make the job of a hacker easier. This threat has affected big businesses and government agencies. That is why, the government has taken a stance against it and subsequently made it punishable by law.

Combined protection through computer programs and limitation of shared information can greatly help a person to avoid this situation. A person needs to be more careful with where they input their credentials and who they share their information to. One must remember to stay conscious and watchful of where they browse online. You might also want to find out more about VPNS.

Online security may have strengthen through the years but it doesn’t mean it’s invisible to threats. Knowing what these threats are and the solution or prevention to them will do great wonders eventually. This guide is the key to achieve just that.


Starting An Apparel Business: Things To Take Note Of

online shops for clothes

One of the greatest hits in the modern business world today is selling apparel products. Indeed, young and old people have become more interested with fashion and with their clothing options; it’s as if shopping for clothes has become a relaxation method today. As a result, there is an emergence of so many small apparel businesses in the market. People do not only look into actual shops in shopping malls or boutique; today, they also turn to online shops through the use of internet.

Starting this type of business entails a lot of effort on the part of the businessowner since there are a quite a lot of things to take note of in order to ensure the success of the business.

Take Note

  • Branding and Tags

When starting an apparel business, you must establish your very own brand. That is to choose a brand name and a brand logo, although the logo  is optional. This is to establish your business’ identity so as to get people to know your company.

The brand will have to be attached to the apparels through hang tags. In line with this, your business should invest in a company which has good quality apparel printers (for the tags).

  • Website and Accounts

The internet, especially social media platforms, is the most effective avenue where businesses can promote themselves and reach out to prospective customers. Hence, every business, especially your apparel business, must also utilize these methods.

Create social media accounts for your business as well as your very own website containing all the information (contact number, order forms, stocks, sizing, etc.) about your company and its products.

how to order clothes online

  • Apparel Stocks

Make sure you actually have the stocks which are posted on your online business shop. Make an inventory of the stocks and check the quality of the stocks as well.

As for stocks that need to be pre-ordered, determine the right time estimate of the orders so as to provide your clients with the correct estimation of the arrival of the products they order.

  • Sizing and Pricing

Be clear with your pricing. You do not have to be the cheapest nor should you be the most expensive; what you need to consider is the quality of your stocks. This will determine the most reasonable prices you can go for.

As for the sizing, it’s best to actually offer a variety of sizes. Usually, apparel online shops only offer small, medium, and large sizes; however, extra small as well as extra large sizes should also be taken into account as well so that you are able to accommodate more prospective clients.

Bottom Line

Always put your clients’ needs on top of the list; they are the ones who will bring in sales to your business. Hence, you must be able to reach out to them, whether through social media or other avenues.

Take note of your competitive advantage as well as your unique selling point as a company. You may do this by studying what makes you stand out among the rest and figuring out what helps your apparel business make sales.


Our Favorite Fly Fishing Rod Review

fly fishing reviews


5wt 9 3.3oz (they eventually hope to offer more weights/sizes)

Here it is ladies, a fly rod made specifically for US very nicely done not overdone! When it comes to making fly fishing gear specifically for ladies, not a lot of manufacturers understand what it takes to do things right. They think that adding pink and marketing it for women is sufficient. Ewww.

Scott loaned me their new Womens A4 rod to take for a spin. It came with me on my honeymoon to Europe and let me tell you why I think this rod is fantastic and why I want to keep it!

The Grip (see 1st pic below) Specifically designed for a woman’s hand, the rod is more stable for casting and fighting fish. It feels like butter in my hand and casting came easily. I feel like my casting accuracy increased dramatically with this rod. If you don’t have man hands you may want to give this rod a whirl.

The Colors Very subtle touches of colors. (i.e. not overbearingly pink). The rod itself is Charcoal in color. The handwriting/alignment dots are Metallic Magenta and Light Blue, and the trim is Azul. There is a very high possibility that if I were to have chosen the colors myself, I would have picked these!

It was only fitting that the first fish I caught on this rod were Graylings in the Czech Republic, since they are known as The lady of the stream.  So far, Scott only offers this in a 5 wt, but it’s been more than sufficient and perfect for my needs. Gentle enough for smaller water presentation and big enough to handle the brut Rainbow and Brown Trout we caught in Germany! He also showed me some of his favorite fishing gear including his fishing wader review

When I started fly fishing last year, my very first rod was a 5wt entry level Redington while its been sufficient in my fly fishing journey thus far, there is definitely a BIG difference in feel between it and this Scott rod, and honestly I don’t want to go back. This A4 has been a dream to fish with. It’s on my Christmas list and Santa, I’ve been good I promise!!

Here are the finer details on the A4 per Scott Fly Rods website:

Medium-Fast Flex Profile

Faster Recovery Speed

Handcrafted from start to finish in Montrose, Colorado by the skilled artisans at Scott, A4 rods feature many of the technological and process innovations in top end Scott rods.

The blanks are designed and rolled with multi-modulus lay ups on compound taper mandrels, and are connected using Scott’s industry leading low mass sleeve ferrule design.

A4 rods are smooth casting high line speed rods with very low physical weights. They recover very quickly and cast flat, precise loops, yet load progressively and transmit feel extremely well.

Like all Scott rods, design and craftsmanship are more than just blank design. Components and construction were carefully chosen to deliver top performance with the anglers needs in mind.

New grip shapes were turned from Super grade cork to provide greater feel, TiCh coated reel seats with self aligning slide hoods make rigging easy and protect the hardware from harsh elements, and TiCh stripping guides feature SiC inserts.

A4 rods cover a wide variety of fishing situations from small creeks to inshore and saltwater flats.

  • Multi-Modulus Design for fine-tuned flex and recovery
  • Natural Finish-Naturally stronger, naturally lighter
  • Handcrafted in the USA Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado