5 Accessories Every Experienced Home Cook Needs

Over the last decade or so, cooking has quickly become one of the most popular interests in the Western World. Just fifty years ago, cooking was seen as a chore or a duty, not an opportunity for self-expression or artistry. We now live in a time of celebrity chefs, a concept unthinkable in the 1950s, and many people are taking their culinary skills to social media to show their friends and followers their latest dish.

It is only right that we have begun to celebrate food, and the people who provide it. The home cook now has a bewildering selection of equipment and accessories to help them get the best out of their kitchen, and this guide should hopefully help any chef find the right tools for the job. Here are five accessories that every experienced home cook should have.

You Need Quality Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are a chef’s most treasured tool, and they should be the most important accessory in any kitchen. Finding the right set of knives doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. Make sure you get a chance to hold and feel the weight and balance of the knives before you buy them. As long as the weight is well balanced, the knife should perform well, when sharp.

Use Magnetic Racks and Holders

A simple and popular storage solution for knives and utensils, wall mounted magnetic racks are also more hygienic than knife blocks or kitchen drawers. They can be attached to any wall, but you should avoid putting them near a stove top or a tea kettle. The steam and heat will rise from these and can stain the blades and handles, or make them too hot for you to pick up.

Find the Best Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are one of the most important items in the kitchen. Don’t get stuck with cheap, plastic boards that get scuffed and scarred easily. Wooden boards are the chef’s choice, and you should check out this page – https://virginiaboyskitchens.com/collections/wood-cutting-boards – for some of the best-looking cutting boards around.

Buy Salt and Pepper Grinders

Not enough people grind their own rock salt and peppercorns at home. Buying these pre-ground, to be put in salt and pepper shakers may seem like an easy option but you lose a lot of flavor this way, especially from pepper.

Get Quality Cleaning Tools

After the cooking comes the cleaning, and this is a part of the process that no one should forget about. The best professional chefs simply can’t rest until their kitchen is clean. Many insist upon cleaning as you go, doing a little bit of cleaning as they cook so there is never much left to do at the end. Invest in some quality cleaning tools to make the job quicker, and easier.

If you take your food seriously then these five accessories will help you make the most of your culinary efforts. These simple tools will help you provide the best meals for your family, friends and yourself.

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