Our Favorite Fly Fishing Rod Review

fly fishing reviews


5wt 9 3.3oz (they eventually hope to offer more weights/sizes)

Here it is ladies, a fly rod made specifically for US very nicely done not overdone! When it comes to making fly fishing gear specifically for ladies, not a lot of manufacturers understand what it takes to do things right. They think that adding pink and marketing it for women is sufficient. Ewww.

Scott loaned me their new Womens A4 rod to take for a spin. It came with me on my honeymoon to Europe and let me tell you why I think this rod is fantastic and why I want to keep it!

The Grip (see 1st pic below) Specifically designed for a woman’s hand, the rod is more stable for casting and fighting fish. It feels like butter in my hand and casting came easily. I feel like my casting accuracy increased dramatically with this rod. If you don’t have man hands you may want to give this rod a whirl.

The Colors Very subtle touches of colors. (i.e. not overbearingly pink). The rod itself is Charcoal in color. The handwriting/alignment dots are Metallic Magenta and Light Blue, and the trim is Azul. There is a very high possibility that if I were to have chosen the colors myself, I would have picked these!

It was only fitting that the first fish I caught on this rod were Graylings in the Czech Republic, since they are known as The lady of the stream.  So far, Scott only offers this in a 5 wt, but it’s been more than sufficient and perfect for my needs. Gentle enough for smaller water presentation and big enough to handle the brut Rainbow and Brown Trout we caught in Germany! He also showed me some of his favorite fishing gear including his fishing wader review

When I started fly fishing last year, my very first rod was a 5wt entry level Redington while its been sufficient in my fly fishing journey thus far, there is definitely a BIG difference in feel between it and this Scott rod, and honestly I don’t want to go back. This A4 has been a dream to fish with. It’s on my Christmas list and Santa, I’ve been good I promise!!

Here are the finer details on the A4 per Scott Fly Rods website:

Medium-Fast Flex Profile

Faster Recovery Speed

Handcrafted from start to finish in Montrose, Colorado by the skilled artisans at Scott, A4 rods feature many of the technological and process innovations in top end Scott rods.

The blanks are designed and rolled with multi-modulus lay ups on compound taper mandrels, and are connected using Scott’s industry leading low mass sleeve ferrule design.

A4 rods are smooth casting high line speed rods with very low physical weights. They recover very quickly and cast flat, precise loops, yet load progressively and transmit feel extremely well.

Like all Scott rods, design and craftsmanship are more than just blank design. Components and construction were carefully chosen to deliver top performance with the anglers needs in mind.

New grip shapes were turned from Super grade cork to provide greater feel, TiCh coated reel seats with self aligning slide hoods make rigging easy and protect the hardware from harsh elements, and TiCh stripping guides feature SiC inserts.

A4 rods cover a wide variety of fishing situations from small creeks to inshore and saltwater flats.

  • Multi-Modulus Design for fine-tuned flex and recovery
  • Natural Finish-Naturally stronger, naturally lighter
  • Handcrafted in the USA Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado

Relaxing in Melbourne: How Should One Do it?

things to do in melbourne

Like most capital cities all over the world, Melbourne holds the most number of people in the state of Victoria in Australia. It is understandable, therefore, that things can get a little too busy and hectic when it comes to working or living in this city.

With today’s buzzing lifestyle, at some point in time, we all must take a break. Annoyingly hectic schedules, overtime shifts and all other time-consuming activities will definitely drain our energy. And this is where relaxation therapy comes in. Relaxation could be done in so many forms. As for those living in Melbourne, below are a list of the different relaxing activities you can do when you take a break.

  • Go to the Beach

Chilling at the seaside is always a great way to relax. Taking in the view of nature as you watch the waves hit the shore, feeling the sand on your toes, and being able to smell the wonderful sea breeze will definitely calm your busy mind down. To top it all up, it may also be more relaxing if you have a tropical fruit juice in your hand.

Beaching is a great idea for relaxation; however, it may not be the best idea to go to the beach on days when it is surely packed. Overcrowded beaches may just stress you out more. With that, you must plan ahead a certain date and time as to when it is best to go.

relaxing in melbourne

  • Visit Gardens and Parks

Studies have it that looking at something green makes the mind relax. Green is the color of nature and so, when the mind spots a green scenery an automatic relaxation effect arises. Walking and chilling around Melbourne’s gardens and parks are great ways to quiet the mind.

Laying down on the grass under the shade while looking at the clouds pass by may help you think calmly and positively or temporarily forget about the work and deadlines you have to meet.

  • Do Yoga

One of the best ways to chill out is to actually do yoga. Yoga stretches, meditation and breathing exercises have been used for centuries in ensuring a peaceful and positive mind. There are several yoga studios in Melbourne which offers different types of yoga classes.

Yoga will not only relax your mind, it will also help you sweat and get fit. What’s best is it targets both mind and body health; it has its holistic approach for an overall improvement.

  • Have a Drink

If you are one of those who relax by having a bottle of beer or a glass of wine or cocktail, Melbourne has great bars to offer. Rooftop Bars in Melbourne are straight-up amazing. Sipping through your drink with a breathtaking view of the entire city in front of you is just the perfect way to relax. Witnessing the sunset with your favorite drink in hand or while eating pica-pica is the best way to go.

Either alone or with a couple of friends, you can do this type of relaxation. Having a drink inside a bar is typical and may be less relaxing compared to having a drink on a rooftop bar with a great view of the city and the horizon.